About Us

Helping kiwis with email communications since 2006

BoltMail is a hosted email campaign management platform and email marketing service by ChristopherBolt.Com Limited.

We are a small New Zealand based internet technology company founded by Chris Bolt in 2008. We specialise in web hosting, email marketing and custom web development services.

BoltMail History

BoltMail began life as a solution to provide email marketing services to Paper Plus Group back in 2006 when Chris was working as an independent contractor. Paper Plus used BoltMail to send over 200,000 newsletters, product specials and event invitations to their customers, staff and franchise owners every month.

In 2008 BoltMail was made available to the general public after ChristopherBolt.Com Ltd was founded.

In 2010 BoltMail was awarded the contract to provide email communication services to the 2011 Rugby World Cub organising body. BoltMail was used to send as many as 300,000 emails per hour to keep fans and media in New Zealand and all around the world up to date with everything happening. The New Zealand Rugby Union have been a customer ever since.

In 2020 we launched a major overhaul and re-think of the BoltMail platform, the result of almost 7 years of development, bringing BoltMail up to date with the latest technology.

Over the years BoltMail has assisted hundreds of New Zealand and international businesses, sports clubs, community groups and other organisations large and small with their email communication needs. Our customers use BoltMail to send over 1 million newsletters, product specials, discount coupons, product reviews and event invitations to their customers every month.

Our Mission

ChristopherBolt.Com is on a mission to provide home grown New Zealand based internet technology solutions to New Zealand customers that match or exceed the products offered by the big international players.

Check out our Web Hosting solution BoltHost for fast reliable New Zealand based web hosting solutions.

All of our servers are located in New Zealand.