Upgrade from BoltMail 1

How to upgrade to BoltMail 2

What's New?

We've re-built everything from the ground up to create a vastly improved experience, the new system is faster, more powerful and easier to use.
These are the key new features:

  • Drag & drop email editor

    Simply drag our ready-made components and layouts into your email, rearrange them how you like, change the colours, text and images, it's now really easy to create amazing emails that are mobile responsive.

  • Free stock image library and editor

    Search our library of over 1 million high quality stock images and use them for free in your emails. You can also edit images, such as overlaying text or applying filters.

  • Multiple subaccounts

    Create additional logins for your account, this has been our most requested feature.

  • And more...

    Including timewarp, geo opens, countdown timer, email inbox monitor, sending domains, tracking domains, auto populate campaigns from RSS feeds...
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Let's do this!

Upgrade to BoltMail 2.0

Please read the following carefully before upgrading:

BoltMail 2 is a completely new system. We think it's a massive improvement but as a result many things work differently and not everything can be moved to the new system.

Your contact lists, custom templates and images will all be imported and your previous campaigns will be available for import at the click of a button. Statistics, forms, autoresponders and surveys will not be moved, you will need to set these up again manually in the new system (your existing forms and surveys will continue to work but we recommend replacing them with BoltMail 2 versions when you have time). If you need assistance with anything please let us know.

You will still be able to access the old system to view your historical statistics and data but you will not be able to send any new emails from the old system.

If you have overdue invoices we cannot process your upgrade until these have been paid in full.

If you need assistance learning the new system please just give us a call or email and we will help you through the transition. Detailed help articles can be found in our knowledgebase. An article to help you through the transition can be found here. The new system is a massive improvement and we are confident you'll love it.

Request Upgrade

Enter your existing BoltMail username and password to authorise the upgrade. This is your BoltMail login not your support portal login.

Please allow 1 full business day to process your upgrade.